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Match&Fuse Tours

European exchange tours.

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Match&Fuse Educational projects

Improvisation & Sound Painting.

M&F Orchestra

Match&Fuse Orchestra

our ensemble as big as Europe.


Underground sounds – International festival

Match&Fuse Toulouse announces 2016 festival

September 29 | 30 | October 1
Le Taquin | Le Cap | Mix’Art Myrys | La Pause Musicale

Match&Fuse continues to celebrate and support the most unique European music and artists. This year, our 3-day festival in Toulouse will feature acts from France, Sweden, Poland, Ireland and more…For early details see Facebook.


Match&Fuse runs festivals and tours with the most compelling bands emerging across Europe. Invited collaborations and genre mash-ups give new angles on instrumental and vocal music.

"Inspired border-crossing idea." – The Guardian
"Collaborations like these, pointers to how the future really should be, are something precious." – London Jazz News

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